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Our Constitution

The Friends was established for the sole purpose of:

Protecting and improving the Manga whai-Pakiri coastal marine area and its environs
To assist either directly or indirectly in the restoration, protection, and improvement of the Mangawhai-Pakiri coastal marine area.
Coastal Vegetation

To protect and encourage the growth of appropriate native trees and grasses, within the Mangawhai-Pakiri coastal marine area.

To assist in the maintenance, preservation and enhancement of native wildlife along the Mangawhai-Pakiri embayment.
Facilities for the public
To promote recreational areas, picnic areas and safe swimming areas within the Mangawhai Pakiri embayment.
To restore features of the Mangawhai-Pakiri embayment and coastal marine area that have been damaged by erosion, pollution, anthropogenic influences, nearshore and offshore sand mining or otherwise.
Promote Water Quality
To promote and assist in the improvement of water quality within the Mangawhai-Pakiri embayment.
Water Safety and Restoration
To promote and assist in the improvement of water safety along the Mangawhai-Pakiri embayment.
Resource Management Act
To represent the interests of the residents of Pakiri and Tomarata and users of the Mangawhai-Pakiri embayment and its environs in any planning, application, proceeding or other process or exercise of right under the Resource Management Act 1991 or other legislation, or any parliamentary or legislative process, that might affect directly or indirectly the amenity or environment of the Mangawhai-Pakiri embayment and its environs.

Sign the petition to cease sandmining off Pakiri Beach.

It causes so much devastation and it’s not necessary given that there are other sustainable sources of sand. Pakiri beach is a much cherished and priceless asset of all New Zealanders, which is at risk of environmental damage, and to its flora and fauna (including NZ’s rarest bird) if further dredging continues.

We have a duty to protect our dunes because they really are quite special and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

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