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We live in an era of environmental awareness. In this day an age, to put commercial interests ahead of environmental preservation is unacceptable. Especially when there are many other sustainable sources of sand.

Friends of Pakiri Beach are going to fight the sand miners bid to take even more sand from Pakiri. We will be taking a full scale legal objection to Kaipara Limited new application and McCallum Brothers application to renew its consent to mine sand from our foreshores.

We have formed a team of highly experienced and respected lawyers, headed by leading environmental and resource management law specialist Mike Holm. By making a donation, you can help ensure we have sufficient resources to prepare and fight our case.

Sign the petition to cease sandmining off Pakiri Beach.

It causes so much devastation and it’s not necessary given that there are other sustainable sources of sand. Pakiri beach is a much cherished and priceless asset of all New Zealanders, which is at risk of environmental damage, and to its flora and fauna (including NZ’s rarest bird) if further dredging continues.

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In recent years much attention has been drawn to the devastating effect plastic has on our beaches. Look at what’s been achieved as a result.

Now is the time to bring awareness to the devastating effects of sand mining. We know what can be achieved when we work together.

We must stand up for our beaches, their miraculous dunes, the species that inhabit them, the people that visit them and the generations that have yet to experience them.

Fundraise For Us

A lot can be achieved through fundraising. Be it a simple sausage sizzle, raffle or a dedicated event, every contribution helps our cause.

By fundraising for Pakiri Beach, you are helping to preserve it and making a difference that will be appreciated for generations to come.

Join us in helping to Protect and Improve the Mangawhai-Pakiri Coastal Marine Area and its Environments. Help us to preserve our precious beaches, sand dunes, bids and aquatic life before it’s too late.

No other first world country allows nearshore sand mining – we need your help to stop this madness and take back control of this precious resource that sustains our beautiful coastline.

Help us to Protect and Improve the Mangawhai-Pakiri Coastal Marine Area and its Environments

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